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The Ponsness Warren reloaders tend to be a bit intimidating for a large group of their users. It shouldn't be that way, because they really are quite simple machines. I have the advantage of years of use and maintaining P/W's and if I can't fix it, it ain't broke. But I can help you to feel the same way. Or if you just don't feel mechanical enough you can send it to me. But first give me a chance to trouble shoot it over the phone; you never know, I might be able to tell you a simple fix and save you money.
If on the other hand you are mechanicaly inclined and just don't feel comfortable using the owners manual, if you have it, I have an easy to read maintenance manual for the 800's, 900's,2000 and 800 Plus.
It's written in "people" language, not "engineer".
From this site I will try to help.