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The Ponsness/Warren Patriot Reloader
The new loader by P/W that brings to you all the things you have asked for. Improved primer flow, demand activated powder and shot drop, double charge prevention and much more. Available soon, see some of the details here. Expected cost, $1250.00
The "Patriot" by P/W

A built in counter is now part of the machine
The original handle for the Patriot came straight up and 90 degree bend to the right at top. We pointed out that it wouldn't work with the auto shell feed so a change was made for the production run.
New handle for Patriot
To improve the flow of primers from the tray to the track the tray is no longer hard mounted to the tool head. It is now set into a spring to allow more vibration, the primer tray extension is now standard and lets you set 300 primers on the tray.
Spring mounted primer tray

The "Finger"
To induce more vibration to the tray & track P/W is giving you "The finger" so it will "Wack" the track every time the wad guide moves in or out.
P/W has even improved the spent primer box. It is larger (Fills the hole) and attaches to the cross bar so it won't vibrate out and spill.
Larger, more secure spent primer box

The powder drop tube and wad ram
The powder and shot drop tubes control the flow of powder, if they don't feel a shell they won't drop. The wad ram no longer goes through the Tool head, it is threaded into the head and adjusted from the bottom. The large nut acts as a jam nut to secure it in place.
On the reservoir plate are the two bushing access plugs, the points where the powder, marked by the "O" ring, and shot come through it, marked by a large diameter cutout. It is filled by one of the two large diameter pieces, an aluminum one for use with lead shot and a hard plastic/fiber ring used for steel shot.
The under side of the Reservoir Plate