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Shotgun Barrel Weights 

What is a Shotgun Barrel Weight?

A shotgun barrel weight is used to customize your shotgun barrel weight to be personalized and comfortable for your use.  Having a barrel weight does not damage the shotgun. 
With all the different barrel lengths available, your shotgun may not "feel" right, or the swing might "feel" off a little.  Having a barrel weight attached corrects what may not feel right.
The barrel weight will be attached to the shotgun barrel or magazine cap in order to give the best feel when you are in a shooting position.  The over/under weight are used to compensate for the weight and balance difference when the gauge change tubes which convert the 12 gauge to the 20, 28, or 410 and are removed when changing the forward muzzle weight b y as much as a pound.  The purpose is to give proper balance for the shooter, reducing the jump of the muzzle and reducing the impact of the recoil.

How to choose a shotgun barrel weight?

Once you know what you want out of your shotgun you can proceed to choose what barrel weights will work best for you.

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There are few different barrel weights to choose from.  The weight variations that we carry come in 5 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz options.  Adding a shotgun barrel weight to your gun will allow you to customize its performance to the gun user.  Keep in mind that the the longer barrel you have doesn't necessarily add a significant amount of additional weight.  So the longer shotgun barrel you have may require more weight to feel right for you. 

We Carry The Following Barrel Weight Brands

We Carry Beretta Weights for the Following Guns:

Beretta semi auto's; the 303, 390, and 391.

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