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The Patriot from P/W
Unfortunately the introductory price of the Patriot has gone away to be replace by a $1350.00 tag.
Available now with both a hand controller or by a foot switch control for both the Ponsness/Warren progressive machines such as the 800's, 900's & 2000's. Also available for the Spolar reloaders. The price displayed is out of date click here for current prices. Auto Drive, Click here to order
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The Auto Drive With foot switch control
Auto Drive For Spolar, Foot Switch
Auto Drive for Spolar, Hand Control

The 800 Plus
The 800 Plus is a BLAST FROM THE PAST, due to the undying love of the 800 index system and the never ending demand for it's return Ponsness/Warren has brought it back. The 800 Plus has the old tried and true index system but everything else is the latest updated reloader from P/W.
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The Auto Shell Feed System can be added to nearly all of the Ponsness/Warren progressive reloaders(some 800 series machines have a 1 in. cut for the shell seating post, must be 1&1/4). Adding this to your reloader will nearly double your production.
The hopper holds 500 12ga. hulls that are fed automatically to the shell seating post, brass down, motor drive cuts off when the feed tube is full.

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The EZ-FILL ACCESS HOPPER holds a full bag of shot, over a pound of powder and gives access to the shot and powder bushings without draining the shot and powder. All this and it is a foot shorter than the standard 25lb. tube; no more lifting that bag of shot over your head to fill the tube $50.00

The EZ-Fill is now available with a metal base for additional cost. All the same features as the original. $70.00

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METALLIC 2, SEMI-PROGRESSIVE SINGLE STAGE RIFLE/PISTOL LOADER capable of 150 rounds per hr. with exacting precision of every thing from belted magnums to pistol, comes without dies, shell holder or powder feed. Accepts standard tools and comes complete with small and large primer seating tools and auto primer feed.

A single stage machine that can load any shot shell/any gauge and make every shell as close to perfect as possible. Not as fast as a progressive machine but great for hunting loads with steel, bismuth or lead, or for "Working up" a load for your progressive machine.